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Moving to Texas?

Great choice! The Lone Star State has it all, from open ranges to sparkling beaches, small rural towns to bustling cities. It’s the only state in the Union that was once its own country, and even today, Texas is a whole culture of its own. With a booming economy that’s larger than the GDP of some countries, it’s not hard to see that everything really is bigger in Texas.

Before you ask: No, you don’t have to wear a Stetson and boots everywhere you go, and you won’t have to ride a horse to work. (You could but you don’t have to.) You’ll find as much variation in lifestyle, pace of life, and (yes) footwear in Texas as you will anywhere else. You’re not even required to adopt the Texas drawl, though you probably will once you realize exactly how useful “y’all” and “fixin to” are in everyday conversation!

Texas is, well, BIG. There’s a lot to consider when you move here. What looks like a tiny distance on a map might be an hour or more in actual travel time in Texas. Keep in mind that it can take longer to cross Texas than it does to cross several smaller states. Be prepared to learn a whole new scale when you move here!



Average high temperature: 79.8 F

Average low temperature: 59 F

Average temperature: 69.4 F

Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 34.25 in

Days per year with precipitation: 70-90 (varies by region)



Median property value: $191,000

Homeowners: 62%

Renters: 38%


Jobs and Commutes

Top Jobs: Energy, telecommunications, agriculture, aeronautics, healthcare, defense, information technology

Largest employers: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Shell Deepwater Development, Dell, University of Texas at Austin, Lockheed Martin

Average commute: 25 minutes, but varies greatly by location

Main roadways: 1-35, 1-35E, 1-35W, 1-45, 1-10, 1-20, 1-30, US 59/Southwest Freeway, US 75

Public transportation: Varies by city, but includes buses, light rail, streetcar


Things to Do

Visit the many state parks

Visit the Alamo

Go to a rodeo

Take in Fiesta and the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Eat Texas barbeque

Watch a cattle drive

Visit NASA in Houston

Swim in the Gulf of Mexico


Moving Resources

Reliant Energy:https://www.reliant.com/

Green Mountain Energy: http://greenmountainenergy.com

Texas Dept of Transportation: https://www.txdot.gov/

Texas Voter Registration: https://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/

Texas Home Values: https://www.zillow.com/tx/home-values/


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