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Storage Features

Your storage needs will vary depending on the type of items you want to store. From mini-storage to vehicle or boat storage, we offer all sizes. You will need to assess your needs to determine the option that is right for you.

Browse the storage options below to get a better idea of which type of storage best suits your needs. We have locations across the United States and offers a variety of storage options to fit any need and budget.


Our online contactless rental process will make your storage unit move-in experience easy and pleasant. Pick your unit and complete everything online at the comfort of your computer.


Mini-storage is perfect for residents who are looking for some extra space cleared from their homes, apartments or office without having to make an expensive financial commitment.


Store classic cars or ones that you're currently working on in a storage unit to keep it protected from harsh weather, humidity, rust, vandalism, damage, and a variety of other harmful factors.


Climate controlled storage units stay at a consistent temperature range, protecting your possessions from weather extremes.


Consider a storage unit rather than leaving your boat in the backyard or driveway to protect it from the elements.


We offer outdoor storage to keep your RV safely parked so you can access it at your convenience.


We have units in a variety of sizes that can keep safe any business items you don't have room for or just want to keep climate controlled.


Long-term storage allows you to store your items for years at an affordable price. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe from theft.

What Storage Option is Best for You?

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes and you can store a variety of items from paperwork to appliances. To choose the right storage unit, the first thing you will need to do is look at the number of square feet of the unit.

Once you've determined the correct size to fit your needs you will need to determine which features are a fit for your needs. If you have items that are susceptible to the heat or cold, climate controlled storage might be the right option for you. There are also varying degrees of accessibility, surveillance and safety features.

Simply Self Storage even has extra large units if you need to store a large item like a vehicle, boat or RV. Choose the size, function and fit that is right for you!

What size storage do you need?

Determining the size of storage unit you need can be a tricky process. They come in several sizes ranging from 5'x5' to 10'x30'. Take inventory of the items you need stored and consult our size guide to help you visualize the unit.

The smallest unit will typically hold the contents of one room, while the largest unit can hold the contents of a four or five bedroom home. Storage units can hold appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, boxes and other items.

How long do you need storage?

Consider how long you will need to store your items and choose your storage facility accordingly. At Simply Self Storage you can choose to store your items short term, or up to several years.

Storage leases are typically month-to-month, so you are not obligated to set a rental length up front. However, sometimes there are promotions or discounts available that require a minimum rental length in order to be redeemed.

Climate Controlled Storage and Other Specifications

Do your items need to be climate controlled?

If you're storing things that need to be kept within a controlled temperature range climate controlled storage might be for you. Some examples of things that might need to be in a controlled temperature range include antique wooden furniture, consumer electronics like video and audio equipment, clothing, media equipment, pharmaceutical and medical supplies or anything collectible.

Climate controlled storage may cost more, but in certain locations it is absolutely necessary. It's especially important to get a climate controlled storage unit in places that are hot and humid.

Important paperwork, leather furniture or anything particularly sensitive to humidity fluctuations that can shrink, warp or thin out in extreme temperatures should be stored in a climate controlled unit.

Do you have special specifications?

Think about the specifications you will need for your items to be put in storage. Do you need extra security? Will you need in-person surveillance? Do you require the facility to be well lit? Depending on the size and kind of items you will be storing your needs will change.

In addition to storing household goods, storage units can house things like business equipment, boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles. Office equipment that's not in use can be stored in units designed to accommodate business owner.

When it comes to RVs, trailers of any kind, or boats, having somewhere to park your prized possession is crucial. You will need to consider accessibility as well as size of the unit needed. Many facilities have 24 hour access at no additional charge, allowing you to access your items anytime you choose.

Self-Storage Insurance

While your items are in storage, you should have the peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected through self storage insurance. We provide tenants at most facilities with coverage of $2000 as part of our Safeguard Program.

If Safeguard isn't available at your facility, your facility is equipped to offer you a variety of coverage limits for a low monthly rate. Having an insurance coverage plan will give you the confidence that your items are protected from unexpected natural disasters.

To learn more about storage insurance and the program available at your facility, talk with your Simply Self Storage rep.

Additional Services

On top of providing different types of storage units in a variety of sizes, we also offer all the moving supplies you'd need to make your move as smooth as possible.

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