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Moving to New Jersey?

So you’ve decided to move to New Jersey! Don’t let the Jersey Shore stereotypes and the jokes about the Turnpike fool you -- you’ve made a great choice! If you want to live close to New York City without living in New York City, New Jersey’s the place for you. You’ve got The Big Apple right in your backyard, but you’re also in the midst of some of the best nature the United States has to offer. (There’s a reason they call it The Garden State, after all.) 

There’s a lot to recommend New Jersey, even beyond its green spaces, national parks, and shorelines. It’s the home of some of the country’s best food -- including the famous pork roll! -- but also has one of the lowest obesity rates in the US. If you’re a foodie who also enjoys being health-conscious, your place might be in Jersey. It’s also one of the most diverse states in the US, with dozens of cultures existing side by side. Not to mention, you’ll never pump your own gas again -- all gas stations in New Jersey are full-service, by state law. 

Its proximity to New York City (among other factors) makes New Jersey expensive, so be prepared. While the average New Jersey resident makes more than the national average, everything from housing to utilities to groceries are also more expensive than average. If you can manage the price tag, though, you just might find yourself filled with that famous New Jersey pride!






Annual High Temperature: 63.3F

Annual Low Temperature: 46.5F

Average Temperature: 54.9F

Annual Average Precipitation -- rainfall: 46”

Days Per Year with Precipitation -- rainfall: 117




Median Property Value: $327,800

Homeowners: 65%

Renters: 35%

Top Cities: Jersey City, Atlantic City, Newark, Elizabeth, Trenton, Princeton


Jobs and Commutes


Major Industries: Tourism, pharmaceuticals, gambling, agriculture, energy, healthcare

Major Employers: Wakefern Foods, Bambas Health, Bank of America, Merk & Co., Wells Fargo, Bristol Myers Squibb

Average Commute: 25-35 minutes, with longer commutes closer to New York City

Main Roadways: New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Interstate 95

Public Transportation: Trains, buses, and ferries


Things to Do


Check out the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Visit a state or national park

Visit a museum

Cook fresh produce from the farmer’s market

Visit an amusement park and ride the coasters

See a New Jersey Devils hockey game

Go to a concert


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