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Moving to California?

So you’ve decided to head west to California! Whether you’re relocating to the sunny beaches of SoCal or the redwood forests of Northern Cali, you’ve made a great choice. California has so much to offer -- an outdoorsy lifestyle, near-perfect weather, and just about everything under the (literal) sun you can think of. While the Hollywood hills and their movie stars and undoubtedly a big draw, you’ll find plenty to love in The Golden State outside the bright lights, too.

It’s important to be aware that California is expensive. Expect your housing dollar to go much less far that in would in other areas of the country. And be prepared to spend a lot of time in the car -- Cali culture is very much car culture. In exchange for the sticker shock and the gridlock, though, you’ll find an easygoing lifestyle with a lot to enjoy.


Median Age: 40.8 years
Median Household Income: $63,400
Diversity (approximate): White, 73%; African American, 7%; Asian, 15%; Hispanic or Latino (and race), 39%


Annual High Temperature: 77.3F
Average Low Temperature: 49.9F
Average Temperature: 63.6F
Average precipitation -- rainfall: 24.1 in
Days with precipitation: Varies widely across the state


Median property value: $550,800
Homeowners: 55%
Renters: 45%
Top cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento

Jobs and Commutes

Major industries: Trade, transportation, education, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, agriculture
Top Employers: Wells Fargo, Walt Disney Company, Oracle, Gap, Intel, Apple
Average commute: 29 minutes, with longer commutes in some cities
Main roadways: I-15, I-40, I-80, I-10
Public transportation: Amtrak rail; buses, lightrail, trollies, and ferries in larger cities

Things to Do

Visit a state or national park!
Go to the beach
Take in a Lakers or Golden State Warriors game
Take a Hollywood tour
Hike through the redwoods
Sample some of the local wines
Spend the day at the San Diego Zoo

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