Simply Self Storage ROCKS! Literally!

HIP KITTY is an American rock band based out of Gallatin, TN and is committed to bringing a raw & loud LIVE performance to fans worldwide.

And they just so happen to love storage.

District Manager Donna Crawford commented, “They have a band room at Simply Self Storage Gallatin. Very good group too! When we first took over I was there the first four weeks until 9-10pm many nights. They would be practicing so I’d open the back windows to hear. Gallatin is located in a field with warehouses around. Pretty cool!”

The band members have a deeply rooted commitment to their faith that, combined with their love for great music, delivers a head-turning new sound and image unlike any previously seen in rock and roll.

HIP KITTY’s success is worldwide as evidenced by their inclusion on the popular ROCKBAND gaming series as well as tour dates around the world opening for Alice Cooper, REO Speedwagon, Uncle Kracker, Three Days Grace and Fuel on their 2014 North American tour.Loud & Raw Rock!

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Top Ways to Make Money Off of Your Clutter!

Making money off your storage clutter

Your storage unit, no matter how big, will likely become overfull with time. You may stash items in it thinking that you will reclaim and use them in the future (but have no need for them in the present), or do so because space is at a premium in your home. Regardless of your reasons for storing items, your unit will eventually reach capacity (and beyond) with persistent, interval storage trips, leaving you wondering how to create space without completely discarding your possessions.

What to do about this claustrophobic sprawl?

Instead of tossing your storage clutter (or attempting a rigorous unit reorganization), why not sell it? The old platitude, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is valid, if overused. In many instances, buyers will pay hefty sums for what seems like superfluous rubbish (if you disagree, even a cursory browsing of ebay will change your mind).

Taking a weekend to sift through your storage for sell-able items is worth the effort. Keep in mind, however, that buyers of used goods maintain your same standards. Don’t try to sell stained clothes or rags, broken glass, cracked porcelain, shoddy household appliances, or dysfunctional toys. Also, be sure not to sell recalled items. But anything clean, intact, safe, and useful merits shopping around.

It’s natural to be apprehensive about selling certain items. You may have ill-fitting clothes in storage that you hope to wear again after gaining/losing weight. Or maybe you’ve placed novel or antique items that you find interesting (but not enough so to keep in your home) in storage with the intention of later revisiting them. Perhaps unwanted gifts you’ve received but felt wrong about throwing away have found their way into your storage unit. Ditto for out-of-use books and household appliances/gadgets that you don’t want to part with. In any case, the best course of action is to ponder whether you will really ever use the item in question again or even miss it if it is gone.

Don’t feel guilty about or let excessive sentiment prevent you from selling your clutter if you truly want to. Though most items relegated to storage are generally not worth anything like a fortune individually, they can return a handsome sum when sold in groups. You may also come across an individual treasure worth more than expected and see your pockets swell.

Once you’ve sorted through your inventory, make a list of the items you want to sell, set a fair price for each, and decide where/how you want to sell them.

Means of selling your goods:

Garage or yard sales are the perfect way to get rid of goods rapidly and easily. They are easy to set up and require less than a day of your time. All you have to do is  promote the event and have your things ready the morning of. You might also consider asking family or friends help you watch your merchandise and tally the money you’ve made. If you are lucky (and weather permits), you will have opened up a great deal of storage space and gained a wad of cash by the end of the event.

Consignment shops will sell your goods if they are in reasonable condition. Of course, they will take a cut of the sale, but this should not be a deterrent if you want to avoid the hassle of personally selling your items. You can sell clothes, baby and children items, household goods, furniture, and more at specially-designated consignment outfits. You shouldn’t expect to make a fortune this way, but, whatever your return, it will be better than tossing your items and receiving nothing.

Auction sites like ebay are a great vehicle for getting rid of your stuff with little time and fuss. All you have to do is:

  • Create a username/login
  • Ensure that you have a valid PayPal account

And then create an item listing by:

  • Uploading photos
  • Adding a title and description
  • Selecting payment and shipping options

After applying these steps, all you have to do is wait for the auction to end, receive your money, and ship the sold item.

On various online forums and marketplaces, including Craigslist, Amazon, and even Facebook groups, you can make quick sales with little effort. The steps for listing/selling items parallel those for ebay. But exercise caution, as you are dealing with strangers.

You can also add to your pocket change by recycling certain items. Some manufacturers offer incentives for recycling sidelined electronics and other items, including discounts for newer versions. Likewise, many online sites offer cash for salvage goods. Junkyards often do the same for metal items. Working with any one of these entities yields both cash and the satisfaction of having been environmentally responsible.

The opportunity to save money also exists in the form of trading your items through designated online exchange sites. These exist for virtually every imaginable category and link you with interested fellow swappers with whom you can hash out deals.

Finally, you can (in some instances) donate unwanted items to a legally established  organization to lower your gross taxable income. All you have to do is make the donation and keep a record of it. Then, when completing your tax forms, cite the recorded donation.

*You can find more info. about making deductible donations on the IRS Web site.

No matter the method you choose, money waits in the wings for your storage clutter.

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Simply Self Storage Volunteering Recap

Simply’s 2014 charitable endeavors

Over the course of 2014, we, Simply Self Storage, gave $100,000 to charities and non-profit organizations in the communities to which we belong. Rather than having our senior management unilaterally decide how and where to donate, we deferred to our employees to vet and select recipient charities and granted them compensated volunteer leave to work alongside their chosen organizations.

As part of this company-wide initiative, Simply employees at all levels banded together to tackle causes like hunger, education, animal abuse, homelessness, and disaster relief.

We tied our 2014 company performance goals directly to our potential capacity for donations to local organizations such as: humane societies, animal welfare groups, food pantries, women’s shelters, and the Special Olympics. We are very proud to know we have made a positive impact in communities throughout Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Puerto Rico.

“…because we have achieved these goals as a company, we are able to give back in our local communities.” Jack Benbow, Simply Self Storage District Manager

Some of the incredible ways our employees impacted their communities in 2014

In volunteering for and donating to various disease fighting foundations, we worked with the following organizations to raise awareness for their respective causes:

  • Jar of Hope Fund—Duchennes muscle disease
  • The Simply ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE—amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Angels of Hope—supporting the families of children sick with cancer

We gave Special Olympics Indiana and The Arc Downriver (programs that serve individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing year-round sports training and athletic competition) the means to fund uniforms, transportation, equipment, practice facilities, and more.

Our donations to humanitarian foundations: Sharing and Caring Hands (a compassionate response organization whose aim is to meet the needs of the poor and provide a social safety net for them), Haven from Hunger (provides food donated by local supermarkets to residents of Peabody, Lynnfield and Salem Mass.), Matthew 25: Ministries (an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that strives to help the poorest of the poor locally, regionally, nationally and internationally regardless of race, creed or political persuasion), and volunteering for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) (a Christian non-profit committed to feeding the hungry in body and spirit), made a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and children in need.

We also made a positive impact in our communities through donations to non-profit organizations like: WINGS (an organization that assists battered women and their children by providing a safe house for them and helping them rebuild their lives), Safehouse of Seminole (dedicated to ending the indefinite cycle of domestic violence), Children’s Home Society (a foster care agency in Central Florida that focuses on protecting and healing children, building and strengthening families, and bolstering teens struggling to survive on their own), and by volunteering at Edgewood Children’s Ranch (offers residence for children who exhibit negative social behavior due to family circumstances).

We likewise donated to the following animal refuge and welfare organizations:

  • Great Plains SPCA – Merriam, KS – an organization that saves, protects, and improves the lives of animals
  • Macon Purrs-n-Paws –Macon, GA a nonprofit that rescues animals—primarily cats—from kill shelters
  • The Michigan Humane Society – the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization
  • Foundation – an institution that rescues abandoned and abused animals from the streets of Puerto Rico and place them in new, forever homes

We also volunteered at the Auburn Hills, MI Animal Shelter, the Michigan Humane Society, The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) (dedicated to rescuing stray and/or abused animals and placing them in good homes), and assisted the staff at the Auburn Hills Humane Society in Rochester Hills, MI (a full service animal hospital).

Finally, our volunteers at the Linden Police Department spent a day helping officers clean up the streets of their city (one day does make a difference!).

Our 2014 Business/Volunteer Framework

Our mission in 2014 was “to meet our financial goals as a company in order to create opportunities so people can live better.” Our CEO Kurt O’Brien elaborated:

“We consider it our responsibility to improve our company results so that we can make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it’s through the donations we provide to the people and organizations that need our help or through inspiring volunteer efforts of Simply Self Storage associates, we are passionate about achieving our goals so we can impact the lives of those around us. Everybody wins when performance is tied to philanthropy.”

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Simply Volunteers at Edgewood Children’s Ranch

As part of a companywide philanthropic effort, employees at Simply Self Storage’s corporate office located in Orlando, FL volunteered at The Edgewood Children’s Ranch on May 29, 2014. We cut vegetables grown locally at the ranch and helped to prepare dinner for the children who make the ranch their home. The Edgewood Children’s Ranch was founded in 1966 when Juvenile Court Judge D. Arthur Yergey saw a need for a residential facility for young boys who had exhibited negative social behavior due to family circumstances. In following years, the Ranch added girls to its program and is now called the Edgewood Children’s Ranch. Through this residential program for boys and girls ages 6-17, the ranch today is able to accommodate more than 70 students at a time. The methods and goals are the same as in 1966–love and prayer, bringing about changed hearts and lives. We were honored to work alongside the ranch’s volunteers to help prepare the night’s meal and had a great time while doing it!

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Get Your Self Storage Insured

Insurance Coverage

Insurance. For the most part, we all are loath to address this topic. The first thing that comes to mind is a greedy company taking your money for nothing in return. Of course, when something unexpected does occur and your possessions are destroyed by fire, natural disaster or other events beyond your control, it certainly is reassuring to know that you will be compensated in full for loss or damage.

Simply Self Storage offers insurance coverage at each one of the hundreds of facilities nationwide. Prices will vary depending on location, size of the storage unit and property value. But, for the nominal cost of these policies, most people find that the peace of mind that storage insurance renders is alone worth the cost. Before shopping for outside insurance coverage, it makes sense to contact the nearest Simply Self Storage facility and get a price directly from them.

Before you buy insurance, it will be helpful to know what types of occurrences are typically covered by these policies. For the most part, expect that you would be protected from loss or damage due to fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, lightening, wind, structural building failure, leaking water, burglary and vandalism. Since most of these policies do not insure you against flood or surface water, it makes sense to be sure the facility is not in a flood-prone location.

Here is a list of items typically not covered:

•  Financial records

•  Currency, deeds and securities

•  Jewelry and precious stones

•  Fur garments

•  Antiques and works of art

•  Motorized Vehicle coverage of any sort

For the most part, those should not be issues. The first three items are easily protected by a safe deposit box and the others should be individually covered with homeowner’s or vehicle policies. And, you will often find that your homeowner’s policy covers some or all possessions that are stored remotely from the insured location. By all means contact your insurance company first to determine what level of coverage you already carry. You can then supplement it with an add-on policy from Simply Self Storage or any other of a myriad of companies offering such coverage.

Other considerations are the individual laws within your state. Some states make self storage insurance mandatory. When you contact a Simply Self Storage agent, he or she will be able to inform you about those law

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Self Storage units: Choosing the right one for your needs

There isn’t a shortage of self storage companies, but there is a shortage of quality companies. When deciding on a reputable self storage company you want to make sure they are able to meet your needs. It is also important to keep in mind that there are several things you ought to look for.

  • Location: when looking at your options for self storage, location is very important. You want to be able to access your unit with as little hassle as possible. If your unit is an hour away it makes it that much harder to use the space. Also in terms of location you want to make sure that it is easily accessible. That last thing anyone wants is to have to drive through city traffic in a moving truck or with a trailer in order to get to the storage unit.
  • Space: the whole point of the storage unit is space. Most companies offer a variety of sizes and generally start around 5’x5’ (good for a small dorm room) and go up from there. Some companies also offer boat, RV, and automotive storage. When deciding on a unit you want to make sure you have the space you need.
  • Access: when you can access your unit is extremely important. If your company only offers access during business hours and you work, then that company is not a good fit for your needs. Many offer 24/7 access but only have customer service or onsite management during business hours.
  • Security: many self storage companies have security in place. An unsecured facility will quickly be out of business. Many companies have put fences around their facilities and have key card or codes to gain access to your unit. You also want to make sure they have surveillance cameras in place, your safety and the security of your belongings are both very important.
  • Climate control: not all companies offer climate controlled unit, if you are looking to store antiques, artwork, or other belongings that cannot handle a wide range of temperatures, such as guitars and other musical instruments, then climate controlled self storage is the best option.

This simple list will help you to pick the right storage unit for your needs like a professional. You might need something more such as the ability to store vehicles so make sure when you are reviewing your choices they offer that, not all companies offer the same units or storage options.

Simply Self Storage (SimplySS) however does offer vehicle storage at the following storage locations:

Simply Self Storage has been providing customers their self storage needs for 20+ years across the United States and Puerto Rico. As the largest privately owned self storage company in the US and PR, SimplySS provides a wide variety of services (with some location restrictions) including this partial list:

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Moving Tips: How to pack your valuables for moving and storage

Usually when we are packing up our homes to move or just packing extra things around the house for storage, there is a right way and a wrong way to pack things. Just like everyone else I have used newspapers to wrap glassware and not thought about the ink rubbing off or packed something delicate with heavy objects (the time I packed a piece of handmade pottery with my blender comes to mind).  Below I have put together a list of the most common things needing packing with suggestions on packing for moving and storage.

Glass: as I mentioned before, we all have used newspapers to wrap our glass, it is better to use unprinted newsprint. This will ensure that you are not rubbing ink onto your belongings. Another option is to use bubble wrap, which will also help with crystal, china, mirrors. When using bubble wrap always make sure that you wrap your items with the bubbles facing out, away from the object. This helps to keep the bubbles from leaving marks on the glass. When packing your mirrors or artwork make sure the boxes you use are slightly bigger than the object, this will help to keep things from shifting or getting banged around in the box.

Metal: Metal is susceptible to rust and tarnish. Industrial storage of machinery and tools typically packs in oil or grease, not all of us want to do that for our brass items or the family silver set. For things such as silver, the best way to store long terms is to clean your pieces thoroughly, polish them and then store them in a specially made flannel bag which is infused with silver particles. Generally these are sold under the name “Pacific Silvercloth”.

Electronics: I have only stored electronics wrong once, that is all it should take! Electronics are easily the most susceptible to moisture and corrosion. Unlike silverware and such, there is no cleaning corrosion from electronics. As you are packing your electronics in bubble wrap make sure to include a couple of desiccant packets. If you have ever bought office supplies or a laptop bag you generally find a small packet, those are desiccant packets and they draw moisture out of the area. These combined with good packing practices will help to protect your investment.

Appliances: every once in a while we need to store appliances. When storing large items you want to make sure they are prepped correctly. When storing refrigerators make sure you have cleaned them out, drained the pan, cleaned off the coils on the back, and then make sure to leave the doors cracked open for air circulation. Leaving the doors cracked will keep moisture, mildew, and mold from ruining the interior of your refrigerator. Stoves/ovens are the same for prep, thoroughly cleaning the appliance and leaving the door cracked for air circulation.

With proper prepping and then packing of your storage unit you will be able to protect your investments from damage. When talking with different storage companies make sure you let them know what you need to store, if you are storing artwork, antiques, and musical instruments you may want to consider using climate controlled storage to help protect them from wide changes in temperatures.

Specializing in self storage with more than 20+ years of experience, Simply Self Storage is the leading privately owned self storage company in the US and Puerto Rico. With locations across the country and in major metro areas such as Philadelphia, PA self storage, Boston self storage or even Puerto Rico self storage. Simply Self Storage is able to assist you with your storage needs if you are a college student or if you need to store a 4 bedroom home and the contents of your garage! In addition to providing self storage solutions, professional customer service, Simply Self Storage also provides:

Call today at 877.STORE.HERE (877.786.7343) to speak with our professional representatives to start working with Simply Self Storage on your next self storage solutions!

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Get the Security You Need

The Security of Self Storage

You have probably noticed self storage facilities in rural locations that aren’t surrounded by perimeter fencing. Typically, those types of storage units will be priced lower than those that do offer 24-hour surveillance and are fenced in. It really depends upon what you intend to store as to whether or not full security is warranted. Certainly, storing valuable antiques presents a different set of concerns than would when you store your vehicle, for example.

If you are concerned about the security of your personal belongings, Simply Self Storage offers a couple of options. Since there are hundreds of locations nationwide, there are varying degrees of security within each. When you call the toll free number listed on the website, you can find out the differences in security among the various locations within the area you live.

Most likely, the facility will be completely fenced in. In order to access the storage unit area, you must use your assigned security code. Also, there will probably be a 24-hour camera surveillance system installed to maintain a video record of everyone who enters and leaves. This is especially important when the facility offers 24-hour access, as most thefts and break-ins occur during hours of darkness. Be certain to contact the Simply Self Storage location ahead of time and ask about hours of access.

Another attractive security feature of Simply Self Storage is that there is usually an onsite manager Monday through Saturday. Research indicates that the presence of company representatives greatly diminishes the possibility of criminal activity.

One of the most overlooked areas of self storage unit security is the lock that you put onto your individual unit door. It would be quite ridiculous to opt for a highly secure facility such as Simply Self Storage only to place a two-dollar padlock on the door. This is not the time to buy the economy or discounted model. Many padlocks are now designed to be virtually pick proof. Yes, they cost more. But, there are plenty of people who are very adept at getting past cheap padlocks. A good lock will ensure you do not become another one of their victims!

Ultimately, you are the one who is responsible for the security of your belongings. If these items are truly important to you, do not risk losing them to damage or theft by storing them at a second rate storage facility. It’s like anything else; quality is nearly always worth the time and effort to seek out.

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Top Reason for Using Self Storage

All of us have seen the stage units as we drive down the road; many of us even have a self storage unit or two. The reasons behind storage units can be as diverse as college students storing their dorm room between semesters to storing stock for a home based business. What are the other reasons that businesses or people use self storage?

  • Convenience is king when it comes to self storage. Many of us have belongings, antique, etc that we do not want to throw away or sell. Self storage offers us the ability to get these out of our homes and store them safely, securely and still be able to access them when we need to. In terms of a business, perhaps a business needs secure offsite document storage or they have office furniture that needs storage, self storage is the perfect solution.
  • Security is important to all of us, especially when it involves our property. Self storage offers us that ability to safely store our belongings where we know they are safe. With most facilities you provide your own lock or they give you an access code for the secure gate. Many facilities today also have video cameras in place to keep both your property safe as well as you while you are onsite.
  • Choices, what we all want when we are deciding on a service. Many self storage facilities offer a variety of options for units. If you need to store a single room apartment or a 4 bedroom house there is a company that can provide you with exactly what you need. In addition to storing your home there are facilities that also allow the storage of RVs, boats, automotives, motorcycles so when talking with the company about what your needs are, they will be able to meet your needs.
  • Accessibility, when can you get into your unit? More importantly will you be able to get in when you have the time to? Many offer 24/7 access to your unit but customer service is only available during business hours. Make sure you are able to get access to your unit when you need it.

Simply Self Storage is the leading privately owned self storage company in the US and Puerto Rico. With 20+ years in providing self storage units, Simply Self Storage offers a variety of services and conveniences for our clients to take advantage of.  Our clients enjoy being able to reserve units online without fees to being able to setup truck rentals and moving help all with our help! We help to supply college students in Chicago, IL self storage units along with helping business clients in Dearborn Heights self storage needs. Simply Self Storage is able to fill your needs ranging from simple self storage, boat storage, automotive storage and RV storage to indoor climate controlled secure document storage for your business.

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Self Storage Units: Tips and Instructions for use

Chances are good that many of us have used a self storage unit. Some of us are college students who have used them to store our lives in between semesters and others of us have either downsized our homes or have moved into a new area and only have temporary residence and then some of us just have more than we have room for. Whatever the reason is that we need self storage there is an outline of what we need to do when renting the unit and several tips on what to watch out for when deciding on a reputable self storage company.

  • Location: make sure when you are choosing your storage unit facility that it is nearby. This will help with accessing your belongings and moving them into the unit.
  • Review: when checking out different storage companies you want to review their policies and services. What are their hours of service, do they offer insurance, how do you pay and how they bill, what type of security do they offer for your belongings? All of these are important features and the more reputable a business is the more services they offer.
  • Space: what do you need to store and how much space will you need? A small unit of 5’x5’ is only going to store a single bedroom or a dorm. While a larger 10’x30 will store a 3-4 bedroom house! Make sure the companies you review can supply you with the space you need.
  • Climate Control: some belongings such as art and antiques should be stored in climate controlled units. Not all companies have both indoor (climate controlled) and outdoor units available.
  • Contract: now that you have decided on the company you want to use, review their contract carefully! You are purchasing a service from them and should make sure that your best interests and belongings are secure. Once you have signed the contract make sure you have your information, keys, codes you need to get into your unit.
  • Packing your Unit: there is an art form to packing a storage unit! More than just throwing everything in as it comes off your truck you should pack your valuables and items you will rarely need in the back. Your more regularly needed belongings should be packed in the front and remember to always pack the unit heaviest to lightest, this helps to protect your belongings from crushing or shifting.
  • Space Usage: part of packing the unit is optimizing the space you have available to you. If you have shelving that you are storing, use that to help maximize your unit.
  • Locking up: when you leave your unit make sure you have secured it is secured when leaving, if you provide your own lock (typical) make sure that it is well lubricated and you have the keys handy.
  • Smart Loading: is the practice of knowing when something is too heavy to move without help or a dolly. Make it a good practice to use a handcart to load and unload your storage unit. This helps to protect your belongings from potential damage and helps to protect you from hurting yourself!
  • Moving out: make sure when you are getting ready to empty your unit and move out of it that you let your rental company know! You want to make sure that all of your paperwork is in order with them.

If you are looking for self storage with excellent customer service and a track record of 20+ years in the business which offers a wide variety of services, then Simply Self Storage might be your one stop shop! From your initial visit to our website or phone call to one of our national self storage facilities to renting a truck and setting up local movers we have everything you need. If you are in need of Florida self storage we can help or perhaps you are a college student who attends Mercer University and you need self storage in Macon, GA we can help you too! Regardless of your needs Simply Self Storage has a solution for you, Call Now at 877.STORE.HERE (877.786.7343) for a quick consultation with our representatives now!

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